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Christian Evans
4 min readAug 9, 2021

Its been a minute since the last time I did an album review. That’s a fact that high-key has not skipped my thoughts everyday since I missed my weekly drop. In all honesty life got busy. A lot of traveling, a lot of money-making and a lot of people to see. But now I'm back and I've got a sleuth of albums I want to share with you all. Some mainstream, some not so much (But what is considered mainstream and what is not considered mainstream is really subjectively based on the individuals music ta- let me stop myself there). A matter a fact, each day this week I will be dropping a music related review of some type all week. Starting with up and coming EDM artist CloudNone.


The Artist: CloudNone

CloudNone (Pic from Spotify)

CloudNone is a an up and coming EDM artist who just recently preformed in front of a sold out crowd at Allegiant Stadium with Illenium and will be performing at another sold out show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado with Said The Sky. CloudNone wears a signature solemn mask that has eyes closed that seem to produce a wave of tears that reflect the colors of the rainbow. A mysterious figure, this persona that he gives off matches perfectly with his music style, which seems hazy and ominous at times but glitzy and joyful at others. When asked by Roland Cloud how he came up with the pseudonym CloudNone, the artist explained it was a product of escapism from writing during a bout of depression. “In that time I had the idea of feeling the opposite of “cloud nine” and realized it was quite cheeky to swap a single letter and flip the whole meeting on its head”. Back In July CloudNone dropped his highly anticipated EP, Last Train Home, which I am here to tell you about.


“Last Train Home” EP Cover

Last Train Home — EP

The Last Train Home EP was released back in early July boasts 6 tracks totaling 21 grand minutes but by the time you finish listening it might feel like hours have passed you by. Each song on the EP has its own kind of luster and grandeur to it that allows each to stand on their own all while seamlessly blending in the ominous and hazy undertones that seem to be signature to CloudNone’s sound.

Brighton Nights” and “Wasted”, the respective first and second track on the EP is a perfect example of just how ominous and hazy CloudNone tracks can sound. A matter of fact, as you progress through the track listing you can feel the sound of the album getting lighter and more glitzy culminating in the upbeat dance-pop track “Dizzy Lifted” at the end.

Flashlight”, the third track that was also co-written with Micah Martin is easily the best sounding track on the EP, with a booming bass and vocals that really pop out to help equally carry the song along with the dubstep. “U N Me” is the next track on the album that marks a transition from the ominous vibe of the first three tracks to a more revealing and open dance-pop kind of vibe still keeping in-line with the signature dub-step sound that CloundNone has built up.

Last Train Home”, is a short ballad that if you had to ask me is CRIMINALLY short. I honestly have probably played it on loop maybe one thousand times. It serves as an interlude to the last track “Dizzy Lifted” and carries this dreamy blissful vibe of innocence to it as it takes you further into the dance-pop haven that is found at the end of the EP.

ClouldNone’s legacy in the EDM game is only just becoming cemented and he is poised to have a grand end of the year to 2021. You don't want to miss out on the young stars’ rising. Make sure that you check out and listen to the Last Train Home- EP and let me know what you think about it in the comments.

Christian’s Top 3

  1. Flashlight (feat. Micah Martin)
  2. Brighton Nights
  3. Dizzy Lifted



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